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Our startup, Dialysave, would not have progressed as much as is has without the Dobson Match Platform (by UPIIQ). Dialysave was a new startup when we were seeking another team member, so we didn’t know how to find a student that would be just as motivated to work on our startup as we were. The platform was easy to navigate and - after a few days - several relevant students reached out. This is how we found Shawana, our main engineer who is now a co-founder!

Shawana Habib

I came to know about Dobson Match (by UPIIQ) through Facebook Ads. It was perfect because I was looking to join a startup but didn't know where to look or how to find the right one. I had attended Startup events before but it can be difficult to absorb the right information in large gatherings. The Dobson Match website was easy to navigate, I could even filter and narrow down my search with the specialty of the startup. This is how I came across Dialysave and met Vivian and Anya! I am now handling product development for Dialysave and I can honestly say that this is a truly enriching experience both for my professional and personal development. I don't see how I would have landed this position without Dobson Match.

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